Pilot requirements

  • Legal copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, or Microsoft Flight Simulator X (DVD nebo Steam Edition), or Prepar3D, or X-Plane.
  • We support only Windows Vista Operating System, or newer.
  • Minimum age is 15 years.
  • Reasonable level of written and spoken English.

User account

  • You need at least 1 valid flight per 6 months to keep your account valid. Otherwise your account will be deleted


  • Refueling is permitted only at stand, and with the engines off.
  • SimRate must always be 1.
  • It is forbidden to pause your flight anywhere except the stand. Limit for pause during the flight is 10 minutes.
  • Usage of Slew mode in any form(Replay, etc...) is forbidden in any form unless there is a serious reason mentioned in the PIREP comments.
  • Weight units in SmartCars must be set to KGS.
  • Cruise level needs to be written in thousands (Not 320 but 32000) in the SmartCars.
  • If we will be able to prove from the PIREP (significant diversion from the route, long holding without a reason, landing outside of the airport), that pilot was not in the cockpit during significant part of the flight (sleeping for example), PIREP will not be validated.
  • Flight for more than one VA at the time, is forbidden.
  • Always use a valid route. We do not accept direct flights via the GPS.
  • Always use the aircraft with the chosen Tail number, or at least use the same aircraft type.
  • Flight may not begin, or end, at the runway, or holding point of the runway.
  • You may divert to an airport of your choice, if the situations requires such action. Reasons to do so must me explained in the Comment section of SmartCARS. If there will not be any stated reason for doing that, flight will not be validated.
  • If you will experience a simulator crash, you need to position your aircraft to your previous approximate position. After that you may reconnect your SmartCars. Or you need to cancel your booking on the website, book your flight, and fly that flight again.

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