TVS Virtual (TVS VA) is an online based virtual airline (VA) community of pilots whom use our approved flight simulations to simulate the operations of real airline. We strive to maintain realism while still insuring that the airline is fun for all members of any skill. In order to join our virtual airline you must have a legal copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3d. This can be FS2004 or the latest version of Flight Simulator, FSX which are all compatible with our VA custom tracker.

TVS Virtual Airline is also proud to say we have a growing online presence on IVAO and we actively seek to support members wishing to give IVAO a try! As TVS VA establishes itself within the virtual skies of the flight simulator community, it will be seen that an increasing number of pilots will be proud to fly the "SKYTRAVEL" call sign.

TVS Virtual Airline is a one of more unique virtual airlines based in Europe and we invite you to join our virtual airline and take to the skies. Our staff will be willing to assist you and to make your virtual airline and flight simulation experience the best possible. So don't delay, join today!

  1. 2006


    The idea came to live

    TVS Virtual was opened by J. Šváb, V. Bukovanský and T. Demel.

  2. 2007


    New site

    After year effort and losing Tomin we started our new site with flight booking, reporting and validating. Added selection of tracks and aircraft to attract more pilots and so we did.

  3. 2008


    20 flights per week

    Since 2008 the web site has been working with a few design glitches and pilots have been flying about 20 flights a week.

  4. 2009


    Changed our webdesign

    In 2009 we changed our web design, which we thank to our new skilled webmaster for (thanks, Radek).

  5. 2012

    July 2012

    Start of Something New

    Occupied new staff positions. Tomáš Brückner began working on a new website.

  6. 2012

    August 2013

    New website

    August 12, 2013 was launched a new website.

  7. 2014

    September 2014

    New leader

    On September 1, 2014 David Kucera was appointed to lead TVSva. We thank Jiri Svab to build this community of pilots, we wish him a lot of success and we grants him honorary membership.

  8. 2014

    November 2014

    New domain

    Website moved to new domain

  9. 2012

    May 2015

    Start of revolution

    On May 11, 2015 we launched new version of our website. New tracking software smartCARS v2 and many expected details. Career system expected soon!